BioNews’ niche, disease-focused news websites represent the most viable — and often the only — digital media advertisement platforms for pharmaceutical companies that need to target patients and caregivers in hard-to-reach rare disease communities online.

By connecting our advertising partners to the rare disease communities we serve through niche web and social media platforms – and fresh, relevant, trusted digital content – BioNews delivers both quantity and quality for Direct-To-Patient (DTP) advertising campaigns. Many of our rare disease websites penetrate the entire US patient population, allowing advertisers to reinforce their brand, drive referrals to fuel critical KPI conversions, and launch newly-approved products.

See How Our Ad Performance
Stacks Up vs. the Competitors:

Thanks to our niche advertising and publishing model, BioNews’ ad placements beat the industry benchmarks in CTR, as published by SmartInsights:

Average Leaderboard Ad
(728×90) CTR: .45%

Average Half Page Ad
(300×600) CTR: .3%

Average MedRec Ad
(300×250) CTR: .15%

Average ENL Ad
performance: 1.0%

Digital Media benchmarks for display ad CTR range from 0.05 – 0.10%.

The unique user data on many of our rare disease sites indicate that we reach 100% of rare disease patient populations.
Our user communities are highly engaged, with a majority visiting the site 3-5 times per week.
Research into our user base reveals that 90%+ of our readers identify as patients or caregivers.
96% of readers indicate that they trust the accuracy, independence, and authority our rare disease content.
Our rare disease platforms are multi-channel, multi-content ecospheres that engage rare disease communities via e-mail, web content, and social media.


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