Conducting market research with patient populations online – particularly rare disease patients – can be difficult for biotech companies. Small patient demographics and a lack of resources online have led to small, disparate groups of patients who are not organized or collected into easily accessible communities. Apart from advocacy groups and foundations, there are few options to reach these patient populations in a direct and efficient manner.

Market Research through BioNews’ Patient Communities.

BioNews is building and organizing patient communities online that have previously been underserved by the media, health, and biotech industries. Our collection of disease-specific e-mail lists allow us to reach out directly to the patients you are looking to engage for market research. Through these lists, we can launch patient surveys that provide deeply valuable, granular insights.

BioNews Market Research At-A-Glance:

BioNews boasts an e-mail subscriber list of 220,000+ that’s still growing:
each month, the list grows by nearly 8,000 new subscribers!

Disease-specific lists let you reach out only to patients who meet your criteria, leading to the most accurate market data.

Surveys benefit from BioNews’ ultra-high open and click-through rates, which exceed industry benchmarks.

The unique user data on many of our rare disease sites indicate that we reach 100% of rare disease patient populations.
Our user communities are highly engaged, with a majority visiting the site 3-5 times per week.
Research into our user base reveals that 90%+ of our readers identify as patients or caregivers.
96% of readers indicate that they trust the accuracy, independence, and authority our rare disease content.
Our rare disease platforms are multi-channel, multi-content ecospheres that engage rare disease communities via e-mail, web content, and social media.


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