BioNews has established its network of disease-specific news and perspectives websites as trusted, authoritative news sources for the patient communities that we serve. In order to maintain this high level of trust with our readers, a bright line exists between our content departments and our clients and advertisers.

This commitment extends to all facets of our original content production, ensuring that our readers have access to news and information that is objective and accurate.

A Professional News Staff

The news model for all of BioNews’ reportage is a unique hybrid, combining the objective, scientific expertise of lettered Science journalists with a research background with seasoned journalists who rigorously copy edit and fact check all of our news. Our sites operate on a 24-hour news cycle, with our newsroom covering every story that is germane to our patient/caregiver user base.

Independent Patient Voices

The largest content division at BioNews is composed of patients and caregivers who lend their intimate, unique voice to our daily news reporting. These patients report directly on the ups and downs of living with chronic, rare, and progressive diseases, offering unfiltered, real-life perspectives that news stories simply cannot offer.

Unbiased Journalism

BioNews maintains a strict policy in ensuring that all original content produced by our staff — whether it be news, patient columns, resource pages, or multimedia — remains independent and unbiased of any influence from our advertising clients. This policy is part of our commitment to serve patient communities with news and information that is fair and accurate.


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