We value everyone, respect one another’s individuality and build relationships with our colleagues and audience through trust, respect, and understanding. Our ability to succeed at making a difference in the lives of our audience of patients with rare diseases and disorders is driven by our ability to build relationships, share information, and connect across teams, functions and geographies. To thrive at this, we also need to have some fun and create meaningful bonds.


We bring awareness and help give a voice to those in the rare disease community. We work to build opportunities for people to access information freely, in an easy to understand way, and which helps them experience life as they choose. We have structured our organization in a style that encourages the involvement of our audience.


We are accessible and empathetic. We promote a supportive and rewarding environment within and outside of BioNews. We take personal responsibility in doing our best to achieve our mission to serve our patient audience as a trusted voice for information about living with their illness. We strive to overcome obstacles and find the best possible result. In order to attain this, we must be purposeful, solution-focused, adaptable, and always looking towards the future. We take the best path, not the easiest path, and surround ourselves with colleagues who are equally determined and supportive.


We help each other and those we serve to remain hopeful in the face of adversity. We create a supportive and collaborative team working environment, which draws from unique talents across our organization, values individual skills, and provides a focus on mutual growth, development, gain by sharing goals and working together to accomplish them.


The ability to take on challenges. Finding new ways to grow personally and professionally, and helping our colleagues and company do the same.