BioNews’ unique, unbranded approach to content production and promotion gives companies like yours an optimal platform for shaping the narrative in rare disease communities online through patient education content campaigns.

Through the use of daily, consistent news reporting directed at specific rare disease patient populations, our steady stream of digital content serves as an honest broker of information for online users who are in need of it. As a result, BioNews sites offer a degree of trust and authority that brand-heavy website platforms simply cannot deliver.

BioNews can conduct content campaigns around a wide range of biotech projects, including (but not limited to): upcoming clinical trials, soon-to-be approved pharmaceuticals, medical devices, public health initiatives, and investor relations.

Patient Education Benefits at a Glance:

  • Use BioNews-crafted info pages to raise awareness of your clinical trial, drug, or product within a patient population.
  • Foster engagement, conversation, and viral sharing through BioNews’ robust social media delivery platform.
  • Keep clinical trial participants informed and compliant with the trial guidelines.
  • Leverage BioNews’ e-mail marketing capabilities to deliver your message to prospects for maximum conversion rates.
  • Reach out to physicians, researchers, investors, and business stakeholders as well.
  • Support patient community efforts to raise disease awareness for relatively unknown rare diseases within the general population, as well as further education patient/caregiver groups.
The unique user data on many of our rare disease sites indicate that we reach 100% of rare disease patient populations.
Our user communities are highly engaged, with a majority visiting the site 3-5 times per week.
Research into our user base reveals that 90%+ of our readers identify as patients or caregivers.
96% of readers indicate that they trust the accuracy, independence, and authority of our rare disease content.
Our rare disease platforms are multi-channel, multi-content ecospheres that engage rare disease communities via e-mail, web content, and social media.


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