Our culture

The success of Bionews is unquestionably due to its culture. The focus of all that we do is to empower patients living with rare disease. We provide a safe space for those affected by rare diseases to form meaningful and impactful relationships.

Our ability to connect with others allows us to provide each individual with understanding, empathy, and support. At Bionews, we make a promise to our rare disease communities to deliver trustworthy information to help educate, engage, and champion the patient voice. 

More than 50%

of our Bionews team are living with or caring for someone with a rare condition.

Our mission

We connect and inform rare disease communities, providing a unified and distinctive space for engagement, education, and empowerment,  to ultimately improve patient health and quality of life.

Our vision

To be a leading resource for the 25 million people living with rare diseases by building a team deeply rooted in the patient experience. We will foster a global community that empowers patients and caregivers through connection, education, and advocacy.

Our values

We are R.A.R.E.



We educate, engage, and actively listen and respond to the needs of our patient communities, contributors, and partners. We value integrity and ensure we stay true to our mission and vision. We hold ourselves accountable for meeting business expectations and for delivering trustworthy information to our patient communities.



We aim to raise awareness and give our patient communities a space to amplify their voices. We strive to provide clear information people can freely access to help them experience life as they choose. We are an accommodating culture that works to increase accessibility on our platforms and meet the needs of our contributors, partners, and customers.



We are an inclusive community that values and respects everyone’s individuality, culture, and abilities. We form meaningful bonds and build relationships with our patient communities, contributors, and partners through trust, respect, support, and empathy.



We inspire our patient communities to be courageous and find their unique and impactful voice. Through education and engagement, we help patients become active participants in their healthcare. We draw on our contributors’ talents and provide a focus on personal and professional growth. We encourage and support each other in accomplishing company goals and celebrate our achievements.

Join our team

Working at Bionews isn’t just a job — it’s a chance to apply your skills to literally changing people’s lives. If that’s the kind of rare opportunity you’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you.