50+ engaged rare communities

Every day, we connect with over 50 communities, delivering meaningful, relevant content. Our content is as unique and rare as the conditions it addresses, and it includes authoritative perspectives from real patients, carefully sourced and cited resource pages, and articles written by veteran journalists and PhDs.

Our disease-specific websites help create communities that have become indispensable to many of the rare diseases we cover, filling the information gaps that exist online.

These connections have allowed us to gain deep insights into the rare patient journey. That knowledge provides opportunities to develop high quality experiences that resonate with patient communities and drive results for advertising partners.

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Desiree Lama
MS Patient, Social Media Collaborator and Columnist

Kevin Schaefer
SMA Patient and Associate Director of Community Content

“Our content is more than information; it’s a lifeline for those navigating rare and chronic diseases.”

Jenn Powell
Living with Secondary Progressive MS, Brand & Marketing Manager at Bionews

Every step of the way

Jenn’s story

Living with a progressive and incurable disease is a lesson in accepting the unacceptable.

Charlene’s Story

Charlene’s Story

Reflections on the five-year anniversary of when I first heard the words “idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis”

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Being part of the Bionews community has given me the opportunity to spread pulmonary hypertension (PH) awareness beyond my friends and family. Since receiving a heart and double lung transplant six years ago, my son no longer has PH, but we will never get over the experience. It does my heart good to know that sharing his story through my columns and PH forums might help others feel less alone.

Caregiver – Pulmonary Hypertension

Being able to work gives a purpose. It’s more than a job, it’s invigorating to your soul. So often, those of us with disabilities are not hired because we are faced with the assumption that we can’t do it, but that’s wrong. Being able to work is another way to be a part of a community that you feel you can benefit and benefit from in return.

Brand & Marketing Manager

Bionews gave me my purpose back. I never thought that I would work again. The team here makes me a better person each day, I learn so much from each of them. Inclusion in the workplace should look like Bionews! Here we all matter despite our disabilities. The empathy and caring nature here is all-inclusive.

Outreach Coordinator

The people at Bionews inspire me on a daily basis. We connect with each other through our shared triumphs and trials, humor, and our commitment to amplifying the voices of people from rare disease communities across the world. An inclusive workplace should be an atmosphere of positivity and acceptance, where no employee is discriminated on the basis of disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. Inclusive employers are accommodating, insightful, open-minded, and creative.

Associate Director of Community Content