Bionews, the nation’s largest and most trusted network of rare disease communities, today unveiled a new brand identity reflecting its ongoing commitment to supporting patients and fostering meaningful connections.

Our brand refresh goes beyond aesthetics; it embodies our ongoing commitment to innovation and patient-centricity. At Bionews, we understand true progress stems from meaningful engagement and authentic connections. Therefore, we have enhanced our digital solutions to offer immersive video experiences and live event capabilities, facilitating genuine interactions between patients and healthcare industry partners.

Over the past 24 months, Bionews has strategically expanded its offerings to encompass a comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading digital engagement solutions. Building upon our decade of fostering trust within our 50+ communities, we now set new standards for brand engagement and performance. This empowers you to connect with niche audiences in a trusted environment, precisely when they’re making crucial healthcare decisions.

“Our patients are deeply involved in managing their conditions,” said company CEO Chris Comish, “Bionews strategically engages them at pivotal moments of their healthcare journey, delivering invaluable support and resources when they need it most. We offer innovative solutions to bridge the gap between patients and the healthcare industry, thoughtfully enriching their experiences along the way.”

At the heart of our operation lies a commitment to incorporating patient experiences into every aspect of our work. We remain dedicated to our vision of employing 1,000 rare disease patients, ensuring our services are delivered with the deepest understanding and empathy.

We invite you to explore our refreshed website and share your feedback. Follow @Bionews on social media to stay connected and join the conversation about rare communities. You also can find valuable insights from our latest “Living with Rare Disease” survey, offering actionable patient perspectives.

Together, with a familiar voice and a fresh look, Bionews stands strong with the rare disease communities.


For more information about Bionews, email [email protected].


About Bionews:

Bionews is a digital health solutions company dedicated to empowering more than 50 rare disease communities with trusted information, news, and connections. We foster a space where hope thrives and patients’ voices are heard. Since 2013, we’ve been committed to serving patients and elevating their voices. Our motto is “For Rare, By Rare.” With more than 50% of our team living with or caring for someone with a rare condition, we understand the unique challenges and needs of these communities. We’ve built a network of more than 500,000 registered members actively seeking news, clinical information, and sharing experiences. This creates a safe space for peer support, connection, and learning. Bionews offers a comprehensive platform serving a wide range of rare diseases, from larger condition specific communities including pulmonary fibrosis to smaller communities such as AADC. Visit to explore our communities and discover how we’re making a difference for those living with rare diseases.