The Mayo Clinic PaSAGE Study Team has announced a collaboration with BioNews to inform the future of rare disease care. This collaboration aims to understand the potential impacts of genetic therapies on patient communities and advocate for the creation and translation of patient-centered therapies.

PaSAGE is funded by the National Institutes of Health to help integrate patient voices into the therapeutic research process. This collaboration will provide feedback to scientists and therapy developers about the priorities and needs of patients and families. The Mayo Clinic PaSAGE Study Team and BioNews invite stakeholders from across the rare disease community to join them in their mission to drive positive change and improve patient outcomes in the future.

For media inquiries:

BioNews Media Contact
Marcella Debidda, PhD
[email protected]

About BioNews:

BioNews is a health media company focused on rare diseases and rare patient experiences. BioNews provides an insider’s view into disease and treatment news, condition management information, and community across more than 60+ chronic and rare diseases. A fierce champion of the rare voice, BioNews content is designed to reach, engage, and elevate even the smallest patient populations.