Winning poster presentation highlights company’s accelerated ability to connect patient communities with clinical trials

Bionews, Inc. a leading source of rare disease news and information, won first place in the poster session at the annual Collaborating on Novel Solutions (CNS) summit, underscoring the company’s commitment to connecting patients with clinical trial opportunities.

Posters presented at CNS cover original research that expands on existing knowledge, including clinical trial methodology and other innovations in drug development.  

The poster, “Recruitment in Rare: Myth Debunked” authored by Marcella Debidda, President of Clinical at Bionews, won in the category of trial methodology. The data presented on the poster focused on the outcomes of a comprehensive recruitment campaign across three rare diseases — idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis, and Sjögren’s syndrome.

“We demonstrated that when we leverage the trusted relationship with our existing rare disease community and bring clinical trial opportunities where patients already consumed healthcare information, recruitment is accelerated, and enrollment is a lot faster than industry standards,” Debidda said.

The summit, held Nov. 8-11 in Everett, Massachusetts, is designed to encourage open channels of communication and data-sharing across all disciplines of medical research, with the ultimate goal of achieving optimal patient outcomes.

CNS brings together decision-makers from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, patient advocacy groups, investors, and other stakeholders. The event also included innovation showcases and spotlight sessions on topics such as decentralized trials, digital biomarkers, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence.

The poster session featured 90 posters divided into eight categories, including artificial intelligence/machine learning; assessment devices and tools; biomarkers; decentralized and virtual clinical trials; investigative drug compounds and therapies; treatment devices and tools; wearables and mobile apps; and trial methodology.

About Bionews

Founded 10 years ago, Bionews owns and operates more than 50 health media websites primarily focused on rare diseases and chronic conditions, including three relevant to the clinical trial recruitment campaign: Pulmonary Fibrosis News, Sarcoidosis News, and Sjögren’s Syndrome News.

Nearly 76% of the Bionews workforce are affected by a rare or chronic disease. Bionews aims to provide patients and caregivers with access to accurate and relevant information, first-hand perspectives and insights, and ways to connect with their community through its news articles, columns, forums, and other resources. For media inquiries, contact Jenn Powell, Bionews brand marketing manager, at [email protected]