PENSACOLA, Fla., October 8, 2022—BioNews Inc. unveiled new branding across each of its 68 owned and operated media websites in the rare and chronic disease space. This effort includes a logo suite and visual identity for each website and establishment of BioNews as the global parent company.

The rebrand reflects BioNews’ growing content and suite of advertiser services that include audio, video, live events, and inclusion of those affected by a rare disease. Coloring of the logos are reflective of the accepted ribbon colors for the disease with the image of a pill indicating health and condition management.

“Our business has evolved dramatically, including an expansion of the content for those impacted by a rare disease, the services we offer to clients, enhancements to our platform, and considerable additions to our leadership and management teams,” said Ray Walker, product director and logo designer. “We’re excited to unveil updated branding that reflects our patient-centric focus.”

Founded nearly 10 years ago, BioNews Inc. owns and operates more than 68 health media websites primarily focused on rare diseases and chronic conditions. Nearly 76% of its employees have a rare disease or are a caregiver of someone with a rare disease. BioNews aims to provide those affected by rare disease with access to accurate and relevant information, first-hand perspectives and insights, and ways to connect with their community through its news articles, columns, forums, and other resources.

“The rebranding marks a new BioNews both inside the company and out, with a strategy hyper-focused on the global rare disease audience and the changing media environment,” said Jennifer Loga, SVP of Strategy & Growth. “BioNews’ core patient voice, along with its clear strategy, will power the company’s transformation as we partner with the health industry and our clients to help them better understand how rare people want to engage with content and advertisers.”